Posted by: bluelinda | January 27, 2009

AWP Here we come!

It is so cold here in North Carolina.  Right now we’ve made it up to 37 F.  We have had a very cold winter except when it ws 65 or 72 F.  Now I am making plans to fly to Chicago in February!!  Am I crazy?  No just headed to the AWP Conference FEb 11-14, 2009.  If I think it is cold here I cannot bear to dwell on the temperatures in Chicago.

But, here I go.  Cannot wait to get into the big hall with every small press and some larger ones represented.  Seminars, meetings, signings, readings-networking and just plain hanging out with writers and editors and publishers.

The local “people’s internet provider” is coming from Asheville like me.  There is also a radio station (progressive) and I hope to meet those folks and get more going here in Asheville for the writers I know and to connect with others from the region.

One day in Atlanta I stepped out into the corridor of the hotel and found a plastic Easter egg at the door.  I picked it up and inside was a quote I cannot find now, from the people of a small press.  It turned out these eggs were placed during the night at hundreds of doors behind which AWP attendees slept.  What fun!  Some youthful energy at work that I admired.  Not my current kind of energy.  Maybe I’ll see if greenlinda wants to do something that we can hand out.  I’m going to ask her today.

Look for Jane’s Stories members at table #439 in the Bookfair.  Booksigning by Susanna Lang and Christine Swanberg.  Go to for the schedule.

See you there.


  1. […] Linda Mitchell remains a timeless and beautiful soul who’s just a ball to be around! She was one of the original crew of Wild Dove back in the pre-Jane days [read history here] and continues to be a great source of inspiration and energy for the entire Jane community. You can tell by her speaking voice what a fine blueswoman she is as well, bronchitis or not. […]

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