Posted by: misswords81 | February 8, 2009

An Introduction is in Order

So its taken me nineteen years (a sure exaggeration but its the allergy meds talking) to finally do what I promised Glenda and that is to post regularly. And seeing as how this is my first and only post so far, the regularly part is a work in progress.

But enough rambling…

(Fanfare plays)

I am Jennifer D. Hanley – part writer and part super hero to about a hundred sixth graders. The oldest of four children begotten by Ralph and Pamela Hanley, I have been telling stories in some shape or form ever since I could talk. Those stories weren’t alway the best stories a child could tell and I often got in trouble for them (Who broke the vase? My imaginary friend Jeffrey – who coincidentally was also a squirrel  who lived in the tree in the front yard).

Previous to a catastrophic fall the day before Halloween last year, I was abusing the priviledge of being twenty seven and attempting to truly move at the speed of light (I was getting pretty darn close). Unfortunately, it was my writting that took a back seat to my quest to be the busiest twenty seven year old… ever… in life. Nowadays, I stay pretty busy between lesson plans, grading papers and working on my master’s in teaching so that my writting might live again.

I am pushed by my lovely boyfriend, who is a poet, and Glenda (who thought a chance encounter would lead to you becoming my writing mentor?) to continue to write. So here I am… with an old lady hip and sinuses that I’m sure need to be packed with gauze and anti-histamines, writing to you and I feel good.

This what I love to do.


  1. Welcome, Jen! Was this what you wanted to talk to me about? We gotta get better at this communication thing or they’re gonna kick us out of the Writer’s Guild.

    Anyway, welcome aboard! I, for one, want to know if Jeffrey has a current counterpart in your writing, and how that novel is going. And, oh, yeah, gotta meet the poet-friend next time I’m through.

    Maybe you ARE the busiest 27-year-old in the Universe. Having 100 kids qualifies you!

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