Posted by: chobhi | March 16, 2009

Trees in Chennai

I usually spend the month of December in Chennai. This time, I arrived here in mid- January, and am still here in mid-March.  I have been able to watch the flora around me with intense interest. My neighbors (they have lived here just like us for over thirty years ) have a beautiful almond tree. If you have not seen one of these trees, you have missed something in life. It has big ,succulent leaves that turn color.  In January, the leaves were red-brown in color and by early February, they all fell down and were swept away by the road sweepers. Within a week, or even less, new  tender, light-green leaves sprouted and now the tree is covered with jade- green leaves. Tropical weather creates change so quickly. Not only that, they have sprigs of white, spray-like flowers and even a few green peach-shaped fruits. I was told the seeds within that contain the almonds but they are not edible ,because the tree has been allowed to grow too big. All I know is that it is a joy to just look at this magnificent, majestic tree.

How about our mango trees? When I arrived here, they were covered with the narrow, long and dark- green leaves, nothing more. But wait! In February, I saw the tender new shoots of leaves, red, brown and light -green in color and then bunches of white flowers, and now these small green clusters of mangoes. If  I were to be here for another two months, I would be rewarded with succulent mangoes that take over Chennai from May. I should postpone my trip back to Chicago, I guess!


  1. Don’t you dare! We need you!

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