Posted by: chobhi | November 12, 2009

Janesstories and FLAC together

I am not a happy person when I have to travel.  So this past weekend, when I had to leave for St. Augustine, Florida, for a writer’s conference sponsored by JSPF and FLAC,( Florida Arts Literary Council) I was loathe to leave my perch in the bedroom, listening to progressive radio and knitting or quilting or reading! Once I arrived at the conference, I was glad to see sunshine and feel the warmth of the weather and the participants. I was particularly thrilled to meet Ira Sukrungruang, who teaches creative writing at the University of South Florida. I attended his session on creative non-fiction and filled my conference booklet with his book references and little nuggets of suggestions for writing effective non-fiction. He listened to what we as participants had to say about our challenges with writing in this genre and the conflicts of memory while writing down about past events.  I bought one of his books and also heard him read from his upcoming book, Talk Thai , which talks about growing  up in the south side of Chicago.

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