Posted by: annemartinfletcher | December 5, 2009

Word Wicker

Has anyone else ever used the term “word wicker?”  I have used it for so long that I can’t remember where I first learned it.  Unfortunately, it is not in my online dictionary, and my editing buddies,  the Jane’s Stories board members, atlthough they loved the term’s sound, had never heard it before.

I use the term as a verb, meaning “to make small or incremental improvements to a piece of writing. ”  The genus of the term probably comes from the image of weaving better words together–of interlacing the words of our writing.

Please comment whether you have used this term in the past–or if you plan to start using it in the future, dictionary listing or not!


  1. I shall use this word, regardless of its existence…it reminds me of my poem,

    “The Word-Pecker and the Witworms”

    If in zwodder you might as well heed
    A zuggers among us with a will to intercede. . .

    So take in yeepsen, wuzzle in muse
    Wrine in thought as I wordify you!

    At anywhen now, in a bout to baffound
    There’s a be-hounc’d tale of a belly-pinched bird. . .

    Higher up, in eye-reach seems
    A burdalone Word-Pecker drills his holes in dreams. . .

    Years in batilbaby, wisp bull-speaking crows
    Davering in day-mares with their deepmusing throws

    Dawed to extinction as a downfart spews
    The dittology of a witworm in an elfmill rules. . .

    Not affected by the dudman’s birds
    This fine farded word-pecker faffles his words

    So hit up the blink-fencers, choosehow now!
    There’s a clapperclaw chryme willed to clash in clow!

    The bouffage’s set where all the jarkmen adjourn
    Ready to bumwhush all the butts and bounds learned

    Bowdlerized in bruzzle, a chantepleur
    The Word-Pecker now sings his new first word. . .


  2. The term, with exactly the flavor and meaning you assign to it, was in wide-spread use in the USAF whilst I was on active duty.

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