Posted by: Glenda Bailey-Mershon | August 15, 2010

A Direct link to Metzger talking about Nin

Click here:


  1. WOW, Glenda! Powerful lady. Will Jane attempt to put together a BookChat with her?

    When I was in college, a woman also taking a multidisciplinary course called “The Identity Seminar” was reading Anais Nin’s diaries. One day, she came in filled with fire completely taken with this woman say something like: “She’s amazing! She gets up, goes to the market, has her breakfast, looks around, and sits down to write.” About 3 weeks later, the student came to class and said in a voice filled with boredom and sick: “This is so AWFUL. She gets up, goes to the market, has her breakfast, looks around, and sits down to write.”

    Although I’ve indulged in a smattering of Nin’s work, based on that students second review, I have avoided her diaries. Maybe now I’ll take a look at some of the earlier parts. I’ve already started on a library search of Metzger.

    Thanks, Glenda!

  2. Judy, what a fine idea to ask Metzger for a Book Chat! I’ll see if I can find out how to contact her.

    And, yes, isn’t that the case: how serious writers do it sometimes makes us feel we’re not serious enough. Or at least that you can’t write and have a life. But that’s the point: Anais also had a lot of life. But she took her work very seriously.

  3. Try:

    I saw this on a couple of the pages:

    Enrollment, Application, Sponsorship

    If you wish to enroll, make an application, work with Deena individually or sponsor a workshop in your area, please contact Danelia Wild via email at or call her at 310-815-1060. She also responds to messages left at 310-455-1089.

  4. Yes, I saw that. She is heavily into mysticism in various forms. I like her idea of working in solitude for two weeks, then teaching for two. Seems very balanced.

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