Posted by: annemartinfletcher | June 6, 2011


My association with the Jane’s Stories Press Foundation recently paid off “Big Time.” I just signed an agreement for representation from Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent for WordServe Literary and the writer of a popular blog, “Rants and Ramblings: On My Life as a Literary Agent.” A large part of my success is due to the writing critique I received from Jane’s Circles and advice I heard at their retreats, as well as experience I gained from representing “Jane’s” at the AWP Conferences.

You, too, can get this kind of mentoring from the Jane’s Stories Press Foundation. A recent rash of deaths, births, personal successes, and general life, has interfered with our new board publicizing all the things we are setting in motion to support our membership. Please “keep the faith” that we are here to help you, too. You can read a little more about my success on my blog. After that, stay tuned to “See Jane Write” as I serialize things I did that helped and hindered me on the path to representation.

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