Posted by: Glenda Bailey-Mershon | January 23, 2012

Agents are like minnows

That is, fascinating to watch, hard to catch. Two agents who battled over my book at a conference, both turned it down, though one insisted she couldn’t put it down. Another agent who asked me to rewrite the first chapter suddenly went out of business. Recently. An agent who professed her interest in commercial fiction such as mystery and romance asked to see my mainstream literary novel, I think simply on the basis that she liked my choice of shawls. Or maybe she liked my description of the novel.

My point here is that, despite all the published guidebooks and the occasional speeches given by agents, they are human and thus as unpredictable and subject to inspiration and whimsy as the rest of us.

Now if I can only find the reachable moment. I’ll keep you posted. Meantime, I continue to submit to small presses, which also have their quirks.


  1. A few months after I signed an actual contract with an agent — she switched agencies! I ended up following her to her new agency, but this experience confirms your experience. As authors, we are in the brave new world of media changes, and we must stay flexible. Better yet, use your creativity to discover the next wave in media.

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