Posted by: Judy M. Goodman | September 17, 2013

Jane’s Stories 2013 Retreat!

Ghostwriting and Burgers
Hackney’s on Lake
1514 E. Lake Ave ~ Glenview, IL 60025 847.724.7171
October 5, 2013         9:00 AM – 3:00PM
A good writer is like a ghost. She lays bare the longing which pulls us into tomorrow. She haunts us with bits of the past which must not be suppressed or forgotten. Her invisible, hair-raising touch catches us in our most mundane moments to freeze, heart racing and breath stolen, while fear or wonder or mystery forces on us a new appreciation of what’s possible.
We can’t promise that ghosts of the 1920s will swirl around us as we work to hone our writing skills, but we can offer you historic Hackney’s, which dates to the Prohibition era with its illegal beer, gangsters, burgers and gamblers. Bring your imagination and a willingness to look for the ghost in you.

Don’t forget to bring your favorite writing tools: pens, spiral or electronic notebooks, laptops — whatever medium channels best for you!

Use PayPal to reserve your spot at the 2013 Retreat
Our Exciting Agenda:Shobha Sharma
9:00 Introductions and Networking, JSPF President Shobha Sharma. Shobha, co-editor of Jane’s Stories IV: Bridges and Borders and editor of its seminal chapbook, came to this country over thirty years ago with chemistry on her mind. Some of her short stories and poems were published (one by Hachett Book Group a few years back) and also by Jane’s Stories Press Foundation. When time permits, she is also working on her short stories and three novels.
 Linda Mowry
10:00 Your Editor Is Your Friend, Linda Mowry:  In this brief overview of publishing’sroles you will learn what editors do and how you can be the writer editors will want to work with and publish. Prose editor for Jane’s Stories IV: Bridges and Borders, Linda has been active with Jane’s Stories since its founding, most recently as treasurer. Also She has helped edit and/or produce several chap books.
11:00 [watch Jane’s Stories website for more information]
12:00 Lunch: ​The retreat fee INCLUDES a scrumptious Hackney’s meal: Your

Hackney's Famous Onion Loaf

luncheon choices will include (but are not limited to) a Famous Hackney Burger, fish, or any of several vegetarian options. And YES our call to table will include Hackney’s unique and sought after French Onion Loaf!
​1:00 Walking Workshop: After lunch, weather permitting, we’ll indulge in a walking workshop. We can either drive a few blocks to Glenview Woods (aka Memorial Blue Star Woods) on Harms Road or, for those with more urban sensibilities, we can hike through the parking lot to the shopping center with Trader Joe’s or across Waukegan to Carillon Square and look for inspiration in the quirky shops. Lot’s of time to write!
2:00 Circle: Time to write and share
3:00 Annual Board Meeting
Use PayPal to reserve your spot at the 2013 Retreat
Take 91 from the South or Waukegan from the North to Lake Street in Wilmette. Hackney’s on Lake is just East of Waukegan on the North Side of Lake.

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