About Jane’s Stories

Jane’s Stories Press Foundation is a 501(C)(3)          
nonprofit organization that encourages diversity among women writers and the inclusion of many voices in the publishing industry.

The foundation hosts “Jane’s Circle” writing critique groups throughout the United States and in cyberspace. We are always happy to facilitate a new group of writers. To contact us about hosting a Circle in your community or for your interest group, please email janesstories@me.com.

We also offer frequent workshops and annual retreats, where writers can recharge and share new work, as well as learning new skills.

Membership in Jane’s Stories is available to all women writers for a fee of $30 per year ($15 for seniors, students, and fixed income.) Your membership fee entitles you to receive Jane’s Monthly Reader, which showcases members’ work and also provides tips and prompts; Ready, Set, Send!, our monthly submissions suggestions; a discount on all workshops, retreats, and books; and opportunities to participate in readings and conferences.

To join Jane’s Stories, please send your contact information along with your dues to JSPF, 5500 N 50 W, Fremont IN 46737, or see our web page at http://www.janesstories.org. You may also email us at janesstories@me.com.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


  1. Trying to catch up on everything. NOt doing so well on this task but….

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